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The product!

  • shahadi 8 days ago


  • _sheryce 8 days ago

    Damn the mold could get it too

  • danalavoix 8 days ago

    Basically me when I don’t moisturize.

  • enadams 8 days ago

    Amazing. Of course we wanna know what its for

  • mar__dh 8 days ago

    Ch-ch-ch-CHIA 😝

  • sophiabush 8 days ago


  • tanikaray 8 days ago

    Well done. I can feel it praying!!

  • uforullanda 8 days ago

    I keep waiting for the eyes to open and go, “Boo!” Awesome! 😩

  • imitationbyjerell 8 days ago

    (Lionel Richie voice) Hello...

  • wendyhaskell 8 days ago

    Wow.. that’s amazing!! ..not gonna lie.. when I watched the making of it.. it was making me claustrophobic worrying about you being able to breathe!! 😂

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