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According to astronaut Christina Koch, this is one of the most bold and recognizable geographical places on Earth. It's the Baja California Peninsula in Northwestern Mexico, seen here in a stunning view she shared from her orbiting spot 250 miles above the Earth. Astronauts have used hand-held cameras to photograph the Earth for decades. Beginning with the Mercury missions in the early 1960s, astronauts have taken millions of photographs of our home planet. Today, they continue this tradition of Earth observation from the International Space Station (@ISS). Image credit: NASA #Earth #Home #Baja #California #BlueMarble #Views

  • rwp725 8 days ago

    Totally thought it was clouds at first... Stunning

  • area51.usa 8 days ago

    Last time i checked earth from mars i saw a flat Earth ! 👽

  • turntsneko 8 days ago

    Flat earth people suffer from developmental problems.

  • _tarek_fawaz 8 days ago

    If you're reading this,i hope you have a great day

  • jglenesk 8 days ago

    Then how can anyone still believe our earth is flat?!

  • santiago_arau 8 days ago

    En la Baja se puede ver La Paz, Balandra, Reserva de la Biosfera del Vizcaino, Guerrero Negro, el Mar de Cortéz, Golfo de Santa Clara, Ensenada. En Sonora: La Reserva de la Biosfera del Pinacate, Gran Desierto de Altar, Isla Tiburón. También se ve Bahía de Banderas y la Laguna Salada.

  • cypresshill 8 days ago


  • santiago_arau 8 days ago

    Mexico 🇲🇽

  • seba__141 8 days ago

    Earth is flat tho so how was this picture taken? Fake news

  • spaceastronautsmars 8 days ago

    The planet earth is beautiful! 💜🚀

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