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Me rollin’ into the theater this weekend to support our girl @evalongoria and the Latinx icon DORA! Take the whole Familia!! Support Latinx content! @doramovie #DoraMovie

  • rosariodawson 9 days ago

    As I’m the arm across Zoe I guess I’m rushing us to the theater, lol! Get your tickets and enjoy!

  • natalieportman 9 days ago

    I love this!!!!

  • therealdebramessing 9 days ago


  • padmalakshmi 9 days ago


  • linds_acosta 9 days ago

    Yesss! I’ve never seen an episode of Dora in my life but I want my kids to watch it (they’ll be bilingual,) and we definitely need to support the Latino community!!!

  • rpcluvcb 9 days ago

    Just saw it,is so good I laughed and cried. I laughed at all the Spanish jokes no one else got it was the best

  • sandyland324 9 days ago

    My kids loved Dora and Diego when they were little (they’re 13 and 11 now) but I think I’m the one more excited to see this.

  • meeshieeees 9 days ago

    32 years old and I loved it! Very cute!

  • hannah___241 9 days ago

    The worst movie sorry

  • dscott165 9 days ago

    My girls are sooo excited to see this!! 🎉😬❤️

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