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There’s glowing, and then there’s Bombshell-Brazilian glowing. @mameadjei4’s got it. #regram

  • 78chev 27 days ago

    I just bought 8 more pairs

  • sarabertek2019 27 days ago

    Just bought two & im super excited to wear them ❤️

  • zysbackup 27 days ago

    what color are these undies?

  • kendallfuckingjennerr 28 days ago

    Are these limited ?

  • leah_the.queen 28 days ago

    why are all youre models so freaking beautiful?

  • ruby_jacobs_ 28 days ago

    how can i get those...🙌

  • mameadjei4 27 days ago

    Issa Bombshell 👏🏾 Glow 👏🏾 haha love this 😍♥️

  • miss.ivanab 28 days ago

    So beautiful ❤️

  • bmdomd 28 days ago

    Any girl wanaa fun pm me

  • ashaquille0 27 days ago

    I think this the first time I seen vs post a black girl if y’all do it’s barely show off some black queens

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